FIL Hashrate

  • Contract Price $480
  • Contract Profit $102
  • Fixed Return $480+$102
  • Contract Terms 10 Days
  • Return Type Daily return
  • Daily Rate 2.12%
1. Purchase instructions

Before placing an order, please understand the product carefully. If you are unclear, you can consult customer service. Once the order is placed, it means that the product has been approved and there is no refund.

2. Output settlement

The cloud mining revenue is recorded everyday, and the daily settlement of yesterday's mining is at 09:00 United Kingdom Time. Only when the revenue reaches the amount specified by the platform it can be withdrawn.

3. Expense description 

(1) Mining machine rental fee: The cost you pay is the physical mining machine rental fee.
(2) Management fee: This product does not charge any management or electricity fee.
(3) Each plan can only purchase up to 400 copies.

4.Termination of contract

The contract will be terminated automatically when it expires. There is no refund for early termination. Thank you for your understanding.

5. Risk tips

Bytebus will not be responsible for any results that arise from uncontrollable risks, including but not limited to natural disasters such as floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, landslides, fires, storms, other weather events that can be assessed as the unforeseen or higher, government actions or directives, city-level grid power supply incidents as well as social actions or conflicts such as war, strikes, riots, etc.

The platform reserves the right of final interpretation for the terms of this contract.

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